Baladras Adventures

Baladras adventures.

Baladras Adventures

The Group members in Baladras started with Quinn Marcus Antar and “Six” appearing in the Demine Cave after having fallen asleep somewhere else the night before. Quickly they discovered Graal, who teamed up with them.

The Group ends up investigating and solving the Demine murder, which ended up adding Kurt Renard to the Group. The four then proceeded to Hammond with Rick “the Bandit”, because Demine had no jails or judges.

After dropping off Rick with Captain Will Warson of the Hammond Guard, the Group looked to verify some information they heard from Rick. They quickly found Rob Samsung working as an aspiring fence behind one of the Merchant Ring doors. He invited them in for dinner and explained the whole history of him and Rick “the Bandit”, which was related to an old grudge the Thieves Guild had for him.

After some uneventful observing of suspected Thieves Guild members, the Group stumbled across Bertra’s Odds and Ends. She explains how someone is buying out all the black onyx, which happens to be a spell component for animating the dead. Following the wall of the Hammond graveyard, a shack resting up against it is discovered containing 3 things that Graal detects as evil.

After failing to talk their way in, the suspected necromancer now had a head start to flee. After breaking through the roof and fighting 2 of the walking dead, the Group then saw a contraption that pulls a block out of the wall, giving access to one of the mausoleums. After looting the place, the Group rushed out to find Carl Joek jumping the graveyard wall. After a short chase Quinn Marcus Antar pummelled him into submission. The guards finally caught up and escorted everyone to jail, where events were explained and Carl was imprisoned. Captain Will Warson rewards us by pretending he doesn’t know who owns some money is sitting on the counter. He also explains that Rick was killed by other inmates. He also mentions there may be other work for people like the Group.

After agreeing to deliver a shield to Demine for the local armorsmith, the group first tried to find out more from Dartsin, which led to nothing. He did mention he wanted the shield, but the Group decided to deliver it themselves. Shortly after leaving Demine they were attacked by bandits. They continued to the Black Tower anyways.

At the Black Tower the Group finds Hubert Matheson and the Black as Night Mercenaries, who all detected as evil. After talking it was learned of Hubert and his brother, and that he wants his brother’s head. This meant beheading the Lord of Lennox, but it was said to be a lawless place anyways. Instead of going directly there, the Group headed to Demine. On the way they saw a caped silouette flying the same direction, and before making it there saw what may have been the same person carrying 2 objects heading back toward the Black Tower. After another typical encounter with Dartsin it was discovered he knew about Hubert. Dartsin also claimed that his own presence as mayor is the only reason that bandits haven’t overrun Demine (him being a powerful wizard and all).

The Group decided to look for bandits to see what they knew. Bruce Horner came up behind them and was escorted to Hammond. On the way a bandit scout rushed to the town and Graal followed, partly disrupting a bandit ambush. The rest of the bandits did get try to rob the rest of the group, but were defeated and mostly captured. Questioning led to stuff about a trial involving Mayor Dartsin and Rick “the Bandit”. The bandits knew nothing on their own, it was just things overheard while waiting around at the [[Soupy Sittin’ Room]]. The bandit gear was sold and money split with Bruce. Then the bandits were brought to the jail. The Group didn’t stay to talk at the jail, but they did check out the soup bar, where details were heard about the trial. They then talked to Bertra for a bit and took some days to rest.

One of the bandits that was arrested was allowed to be set free if he showed the Group where a meeting with some small black lizardfolk was going to be held. Going there, the Group received 2 packages which were wrapped in burial cloth and held together by a gel that smelled like death. Naturally the Group captured and questioned the kobolds, because “Six” was able to talk with them. The packages detected as evil, and tampering with one unleashed an animated skeleton, which was quickly destroyed. The bandit, “Barnabus”, was escorted back to Demine, where he showed the drop off point, and was then free to go.

The Group did a stakeout, watching over the 1 package, but it disappeared. Graal detected a large evil presence, and shot at it but missed, then it was gone. Quinn said he heard the sounds of jewelry on whoever took the invisible package. “Six” complained they were way over their heads dealing with people who can do this stuff, so the Group went to Hammond again. On the way they ran into Jella, who they did not allow to go with them. The Hammond Guard said she was out there all day after failing to find odd people to help her with something.

Wanting to talk to Bertra’s friend, the Group was set up with a meeting with Neemus. He shared some useful things, mainly maps and stuff about Kubatka. He did get into details on portals, but was unable to determine how the cave which brought Quinn Marcus Antar and “Six” here worked. He left instantly when the talks seemed over, saying he might contact the Group again.

They wandered the northern slums of Hammond after hearing from Will about violence that only pops up when guards aren’t around. Graal detected evil underground and found a lone bum guarding a door nearby. The Group went in and found an underground fight club, led by a person who seemed like a younger version of Graal’s dad. They figured it wasn’t really his dad after he was jailed. There were no leads off of that.

The Group spent the night spying on the graveyard of Hammond. Brill heard noises about the same place that Quinn Marcus Antar and “Six” first heard digging sounds. After gathering there the Group found underground tunnels and kobolds. After a quick fight and accidentally setting off lots of traps, some of them magic, it was discovered that the kobolds were digging out bodies, eating them, and wrapping the skeletons up. Meenich was killed during these fights. The skeletons were wrapped in burial cloth and covered in a deathly smelling gel made from their own bodies, identical to the “packages” that the group picked up with “Barnabus” from the other kobolds. A shrine of Kubatka was also found, but the crude idol strangely disappeared while no one was looking. It was determined that no one else could’ve gotten in or out, but looking for tracks the Group found 3 toed tracks with large claws around the shrine, but nowhere else in the place. The Hammond Guard was given command over the place, which they looted and stored all the stuff and any surviving kobolds at the city jail.

Captain Will Warson hired Bertra to allow the arrested kobolds to talk to the Group. It was said that Dartsin was the one who picked up one of the skeletal deliveries once, after Rick “the Bandit” was out of the picture, and the Group picked up the delivery once “Barnabus” was supposed to take over. This confession incriminated Dartsin greatly, but Will said we had to find something so definitive that he couldn’t weasel his way out of it. Will took the number of missing bodies from the graveyard and subtracted the 1 the Group destroyed, the 2 that the Hammond Guard destroyed, and the 1 that was taken by the invisible thing with jewelry, which left 18. The Group thought maybe the mercenaries of the Black Tower could be skeletons, but they numbered 16 and no one had proof of them being skeletal.

The Group decided to go the Lennox, running into Neemus at the Demine Cave. He was just finishing studying the portal, claiming it was a 1 way portal from a place he has never been, because none of his rods could get him there. He also mentioned that Dartsin popped in for a visit, saying he was patrolling for bandits. The Group stayed there, and Neemus helped with first watch, then he left. He set a magic alarm on the cave entrance, which went off during Graal’s shift after one of his crazy episodes. Graal and Quinn got in a fight over something, which “Six” ended with a light spell. No one ever bothered to figure out who set off the alarm.

On the way to Lennox the Group randomly started fighting, compelled by some unknown force. When it was done Graal and Kurt were the only ones left standing, and quickly tended to everyone’s wounds. Though “Six” never died, it appears that he was now in a vegetative state. the Group decided to travel back to Hammond and on the way found “Allen”, who also claimed to have come through a portal and was stuck. He joined up, and Graal explained things as they came up. In Hammond we asked Bertra about “Six”, and she summoned Neemus. While we waited at the Soupy Sittin’ Room the two of them discovered and did what was within their power, which basically meant they had no idea how to fix “Six”, and Neemus discovered a dog demon which is following Graal. The demon was technically responsible for Six’s condition by causing us to fight. We left “Six” with the Grim Order. Later we talked to Rob and found out the Thieves Guild hired him instead of getting rid of him, and that he knew someone who could get us in Lennox. We went to Jeffrey Tailor, and decided to be his bodyguards for the trip.

On the way to Lennox the Group stopped by Demine to talk to Dartsin, which turned out to be typical. This stop to Demine put Jeff on a different road than he was used to. During a bad storm the Group stopped at the old House on the Hill tavern. After dealing with the place it was reverted to a ruin and Baelamus was the only inhabitant left. The Group said they’d return Baelamus’ family seal to his family in Phasmavis. The Group buried the bodies of the former residents and continued to Lennox.

As they neared the town they had their first encounter with a Brimm torture wagon. Later, an hour from Lennox, the group was stopped by bandits who called themselves such. “Bandit leader” let the group go when papers from the “Admiral” were shown. After finally reaching the Lennox the Group had a talk with the “Admiral”, who explained some of the situation of the city. They then went to go talk to the “Priestess”, and donated all of their extra equipment to her Way of Stone temple. The Priestess explained how she would go talk to the “Admiral” if the Group could clear out the Lennox den tunnels.

In the den tunnels the Group encountered possessed guild members, possessed peasants and physically altered peasants, all the creations of a doctor who goes by the nickname of “Seven”. This led to the Group’s discovery of Nideema and later the Circle of Nine. Clearing the Lennox den tunnels now freed up the “Priestess” so she could go talk to the “Admiral”, which ended with them making peace.

As part of the the Group’s plan to restore Lennox, the “Priestess” disabled the wards protecting Lord Eugene Matheson which allowed Hubert to take his brother’s head. The plan came to completion once the Group reported events to Lord Viln Hammond, who supposedly would tell King Catterman, who would supposedly find a suitable leader and have the “Admiral” removed.

On the way back from Hammond to the Black Tower a group of the new riders escorting a restored “Six” showed up. He rejoined the Group, but later on “Allen” left.

After taking his brother’s head, in the Black Tower Warlord Hubert Matheson was going to betray the Group and kill them. They were a loose end that had to be killed, as was part of a plan concocted between Hubert and Mayor Tyron Dartsin. However, Hubert didn’t attack immediately, and a conversation ensued where the Group (mostly Quinn) convinced him to forego his evil ways. Hubert seemed open to this idea and followed the Group for a time, learning the right ways and writing his accounts of his life and unlife as proof against Dartsin and Lord Eugene Matheson.

After Hubert’s accusations against Dartsin, the Group went to Demine where they ambushed Dartsin and brought him to Hammond to stand trial for his crimes. The trial turned into a mass trial where the Group and almost everyone they’ve encountered were tried. At this the “Admiral” was sentenced to death (and sold to Brimm to fight in the arena). The now absent Lora was accused of being a devil. Other people got minor infractions or a small amount of jail time, but Dartsin ended up getting 20 years in jail.

As the Group was making their way to Brimm to pay off their fine (by fighting in the Brimm Arena), Bruce Horner came by and told Quinn that he was part of a secret group and his orders were to watch Dartsin. He thought his work was done when Dartsin got arrested, but Dartsin escaped with the help of someone named “Grin”. Furthermore, Dartsin tried to fight his way to Captain Will Warson, but failed and had to teleport away. Bruce said he couldn’t live in Demine anymore and was leaving to probably get a new target, leaving the demise of Dartsin as Quinn’s job.

In Brimm the Group fought in the arena versus Milnef the Vile and easily won. They were invited to have dinner with the lord, so they made their way to see him. On the way there they passed close to the Brimm Stones, which were humming as usual. It turns out that the humming was actually a song in terran, the language of earth elementals, a language “Brill” knew. The stones were not very talkative but showed a fear of being discovered. “Brill” promised to keep the Brimm Stones a secret, and would return at a later time to talk.

The talks with the lord were mostly one sided, mainly because he wanted to hear the full story of what the Group did because his information about the mass trial was incomplete. There was small talk about government and rules and how Hakar was grand champion of the arena. The lord had to end the meeting eventually, saying he had other people to see.

The Group made their way norht blending in with the crowds following the travelling Circus. They caught it when it stopped 2 days before Natalbany. A deal was made that someone in the Circus would give information in return for their work being done. “Six” did the informant’s work while he and some other Circus adventurers went to explore a tomb on their map. Members of the Group trailed them, and entered the tomb after the Circus members fled. This is when they found the ghost of Burt Arielsis. After talking, he told them he’d share information about a relic if the Group could find out more about the Circle of Nine.

All together again back at the Circus, the Group noticed a few people who stood out. It turned out to be the Order of the Stake failing to be undercover. They were also trying to discover what evils the Circus contained, but had no knowledge of the Circle of Nine. Adriana Molsen was used as bait again, and when she seemed drunk she was carried off by one of the Circus members. This led the Group to a large tent on the outskirts of the Circus, where inside the followers of the Circle of Nine member known as “Six” were about to eat Adriana.

After knocking out key members of the group and scattering the other Circus members and freaks, the Group and the Order of the Stake went back to Burt’s tomb. After questioning the Bull Man and the Toughman were let go. This only left “Eight”, who said her name was Meth the Executioner. She said that “Six” knew the Group would show up and she was put in his place to fight them. “Eight” was the servant of the one called “Five”. Meth spent some time with Quinn before she was later sentenced to life in the Brimm Arena.

The Order of the Stake made their departure. Lorgus Nighthunter told the Group to visit them in their headquarters in Grimshaw, maybe they can work together again.

Back in Brimm the Group met with Lord Trebius Hakar again and updated him on what happened, as well as making the deal that put Meth in the arena. “Brill” talked to the Brimm Stones again. The plan was then to backtrack and visit all the places the Group had been to before, then make their way to Grimshaw. Around Demine the Group noticed people seemed to be in higher spirits than before, and this gave them a sense of accomplishment. After checking in with Captain Will Warson in Hammond, they heard about how Bertra was sent to help create New Hope.

The Group went to visit New Hope, though it wasn’t yet named that. They talked to Bertra, who said she had to research a stone working spell using Dartsin’s library, then she did all the stonework for the town. At this time “Six” decided it might be best if he stayed as Mayor of the new place, and it was decided so.

That night the Group met “Kat”, who said she was on the trail of a doctor known as “Seven”, who was wanted for crimes in Bethlan. She joined with the group and they made their way to Lennox. In Lennox they saw the “Priestess”, who said that she was attacked by cultists a few days ago and they rescued “Seven”. “The priestess” used scrying abilities on the doctor but it wasn’t of much help. The Group hired a tracker, who in some weird deal, got paid by a different tracker who was going to take his place. The tracker did find a trail, and after some days of forced marching, the Group caught up to the cultists (who also seemed to be forced marching).

However, before leaving the city the Group agreed to bring along Thomas Webber, a bard who they met at the city gates. He said he was looking for some people to help him find a hidden page of a book, which happened to be in the same direction anyways. Quinn planned to stay behind a little while the Group got a head start, he would catch up later on horseback. He would see if the “Priestess” could discover anything else, and see if anyone was following his friends.

The Group came to an abandoned wagon with blood stains leading down a stone stairway in the ground. Inside they fought the cultists working for the Circle and two hell hounds. There was no sign of “Seven” and the other 2 leaders who attacked the “Priestess”. Thomas translated the writings and pictures on the walls inside, saying it was the same as the other places he’s been to that were created by the Order of the Guardian Moon. The writings talked about the Black Star and requests everyone forget about it and leave. He made mention about already having some of it’s pages.

After going through a locked door the Group found …


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Baladras Adventures
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