Blacksoul Adventures

Blacksoul adventures.

Blacksoul Adventures

After coming together from different locations, the Group in Blacksoul met Egdar to receive their trial mission to kill a priest in Flayne. Success saw them become full fledged members of The Resistance. However, such a success meant they already had to relocate, so were sent far away to the city of Gorlock. The Group had a quick encounter with Dean “the Druid”, and then took their month long trip to Gorlock.

After setting themselves up in one of the three Gorlock cells, and meeting Captain Renard, Ustus, Murlynd and Rangood, there was no rest before the Group was assigned their 2nd mission. It was an easy one that involved invading and looting a storage area after another team causes a major distraction in another area. This was more than successful, as the Group looted not only supplies, but a mage’s quarters and art objects as well. A a strange statue was found in a circle that was guessed to block scrying, little else was known about it at the time.

After a day of rest the Group met the the “Spymaster” who had been trailing a Blacksoul soldier of some skill. This person, Kaunatha, was a threat, and accompanying the “Spymaster” to kill him would be the cell’s main focus. They were successful with minimal casualties, even though it was an ambush. They tried to flee the scene and ran into a room full of children, which the the “Spymaster” said to kill, but Ari held him back and he ordered everyone to just leave. Later he said he sees it as a war with things that aren’t even human, so thinks they should’ve listened to him.

Next the “Spymaster” accompanied the Group to the docks of Gorlock to steal some gunpowder acquired from an attack by The Shield. They easily defeated the mass of novice guards and took the powder by force. The next step was to make them into bombs and throw them into a State dinner party. The explosion was immense, and alerted the entire Blacksoul guard barracks nearby, which was a fight that was almost lost.

After the mission was done the the “Spymaster” admitted that he had fun with the Group. Even though they are unorthodox, he said they were exciting and had potential that normal people don’t have. the “Spymaster” then had to leave for another mission, so he left the cell.

The Group talked to Captain Renard who said that maybe they should leave and do something in “the field”, which was a term used by leaders when referring to outside the cities. The Group agreed it would be a good change, but first they were going to steal a book from the same wizard whose place they looted on their first supply run in Gorlock.

The mission was as easy as their first supply run. This time the wizard was there, and he was quickly killed. In his possession was a book, The Life and Death of Brogan Cormac. After spending some days reading about him the Group wondered if the warded statue contained one of the relics of his body. They went back to the statue where they studied the spell around it but sadly discovered the femur in it’s possession was not one of the Brogan relics.

With the heat of their activities building, the Group finally left Gorlock to take a break and maybe later visit Cado Elementuma Terras. On their way they found the Worsa Dungeon, and it’s mercenary guards. They killed the 9 guards and set up camp before proceeding inside.

After killing Gorth, a filth demon, they explored the mostly abandoned dungeon. The only thing of value was the encounter with Iguan, a small green dragon who the Group tried to backstab after negotiating a trade. This was folly, and Iguan ended up taking Kareem’s spare spell book and money. Perhaps it was a small price to pay for being allowed to live.

They continued to Tyme where they were supposed to be relaxing and waiting for Melcher’s falcion to be done, but instead ending up ambushing a tax collector wagon. They made friends with the locals, especially Kareem and Jill the Druid. Blacksoul guards arrived to recruit monster hunters to kill a troll, which Melcher agreed to do. The Group found the troll to be an easy kill. After getting back to Tyme they waited a week and received the falchion, then decided they should move on. They took Jill the Druid with them.

Continuing tothe Wasteland, the Group ran into Vincent Rush, a dark and savvy character. He claimed to be a Blacksoul Army officer who was taking some time off. He said he was waiting on the side of the road for a group such as they to help him with a tomb robbing. He heard of a set of expensive bracers that were buried with some noble, and said he already had a sale set up with a black market dealer, and that he would give the group 2 thousand gold for their help. They agreed, and under cover of darkness easily snuck into the tomb on the noble’s property.

In the tomb they found skeletal and zombified guardians, who they defeated with some difficulty. Then came a fight with some black ghostlike things, which almost killed Vincent Rush. During the fight he spoke of the Black Panther Bar and a third sunday, and that if he died the Group could still bring him back. Seemingly only magic could affect them, but the fight was won. As the Group searched the tomb another black ghost was sneaking up behind Vincent, Melcher saw and let it kill him before fighting and driving it off. However Vincent’s body disappeared and he apparently turned into one of the ghosts and attacked. When this happened the one that fled came back to help, which got it killed quickly. Then the Vincent spirit surrendered, saying something unintelligible. Melcher killed Vincent the ghost. In Vincent’s equipment the Group found a State symbol almost identical to the one found on Kaunatha long ago. They eventually found a hidden area and tombs which contained the magic bracers. With nothing left to do the Group left the tomb while it was still dark.

The Group didn’t know what the Black Panther and third sunday meant, but they had a week to figure it out. They set up a hidden camp for a few days to rest and regain their strength that the black ghosts seemed to have drained. They figured the Black Panther must be nearby in one of the local settlements, so they backtracked and took the roads they didn’t take before. They checked out a larger town named Gloke, where they easily found the bar, and the overabundant amount of soldiers watching it. Kareem decided the Group would back out and he would go in again disguised as Vincent. This appeared to work, but the trader had the money in a different location, so a new meeting point was made in the next town.

After arriving at the new location it was discovered the trader and others in the meeting place were Resistance. The Group traded some things, which was highly beneficial to them and no one else. Melcher even gained a magic falchion. They then continued on with their journey to Cado Elementuma Terras. On their way there, they discovered a trio of man sized fire elementals travelling at night. The elementals were carrying a strip of metal which was used to chisel messages and deliver them back and forth. Unfortunately the elementals, who could talk to Kareem, said the exchange took place between Togwa and some guards. They said Togwa was a giant, which was assumed to meant a giant fire elemental. The Group travelled with the fire elementals for a few weeks, encountering some Resistance and Blacksoul scouts, and later finally meeting Togwa himself.

The first thing Togwa did was order his orcs to attack the Group. This put him on their bad side, even though he said it was a test and that he’d heal them. He also mentioned living with orcs wasn’t fun. Melcher tried to fight Togwa immediately after the orc attack, but got knocked out. Kareem made the decision that the Group would leave, so they travelled south. First they went back to find the scouts of The Resistance, to ask if they’ve seen any water nomads. By the smallest chance the scouts did happen to know where some water nomads were, so the Group left to go find them.

The leftovers of a dying water tribe were found on the shore of a small lake. Talks with Torbtas, their leader, led to the Trials of the Elements. Success there was promised to be rewarded with help from the tribe to fight Togwa. The Trials of the Elements were passed, giving the Group 4 magic amulets and therefore the proof that they succeeded. They went back to Torbtas of the water tribe, who introduced them to Caldir, a huge water elemental. Taking Caldir and then going off to find the Resistance archers, the Group then faced Togwa and his minions. Togwa and his minions were destroyed, but so was Caldir.

After going back to the water tribe and explaining how things went, Torbtas held something like a funeral for Caldir. He then said it wasn’t safe anymore, so the water tribe would be moving. There was a town called El Ahgaz about a month away, which was a fire and water tribe. The Group agreed to go with them. Melcher started receiving weird magic feelings, and later started having nightmares, but he didn’t say or do much about it. Later Torbtas ended up casting a spell on Melcher during one of the nightmares, which he said would disrupt whoever was causing it. This stopped things for a few days, which was how long it was before the Group had their encounter with a Cursed Knight.

Shortly after the nightmares started again. This time the Group went with Umar to the Gein Capitol City in search of the one he apprenticed with, Master Aziz. Master Aziz knew the Group knew important things, so he introduced them to some high wizards from the army and Wizard Guild. This led to knowledge that the Blacksoul Army has people on Gein’s borders. The Group ended up working for the Gein military, starting as diplomats to The Shield.

The Wizard Guild has dealt with many nightmare spells from the Leaguelands of Vestigius before, so they easily countered Melcher’s problem and found out the lich who was causing it…


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