The smoking and bleeding falling star encountered on the way to Lennox.


He is an angel which is 7’ tall, 250 lbs. He has long blonde hair and white featherly wings. He is built like a warrior.

When first encountered the colors were more bloodied and charred.


First encountered in Baladras by the Group while on their way to Lennox.

He was a military minded angel who fell to the planet like a flaming meteor, almost dead. He said he was in a battle against fiends on one of the layers of The Celestial Mountain, and stayed until the last of those who couldn’t teleport had fallen. He took refuge on The Prime, because he said it had more chance to be safer. After he rested his plan was to go back and inform the higher ups that the defense had fallen.

The Group healed some of his wounds, and he was grateful. He said he was surprised at the odds of running into good people. He didn’t seem very philosophical, as if he fought evils but never thought of the greater picture. After the discussion, said he would somehow do something to help the Group, then he left to supposedly report to his superiors.

If his words are to be believed, The Celestial Mountain is Heaven, where perfectly good people go when they die. It could be implied that unfortunately there are many who end up going elsewhere. Also unfortunate is that Eloquar mentioned the fiendish invasions attack often, and they reach layers of the Plane which “Brill” said should be a rare occurence.


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