The scarred woman.


Fairly tall with wildly kept blond hair making her seem taller, Ari is usually dressed in long-sleeves, a long dress, gloves, and a large backpack stuffed with thread and cloth bits. Her skin is strangely mottled, and her ears have the tell-tale signs of elven blood, if you ever catch a glimpse of them through her long hair.


Ari is a half elf. Her mother was a Crusader and her father was a minor elven noble. Shortly after Ari was born her mother returned home to raise her. Ari’s father wasn’t involved in her upbringing, but Ari knew what he looked and acted like from paintings and stories from her mother.

In The Shield Ari was seen as different, not only for her ancestry, but for the abilities she developed. She learned how to heal people, but didn’t do so through magic. People were skeptical that Ari as a child wasn’t a danger, but most tried not to let this get in the way of treating her like one of them.

Ari didn’t join any of the Orders, because it seemed her destiny had a different path for her. She struck out on her own, but would continue to help The Shield indirectly. They gave her transport to Blacksoul, where she could help The Resistance and be someone they could trust on the inside. After they got her in contact with the few Resistance people they knew, she was sent on a trial mission with others in the Group, which she succeeded at and was then sent to participate full time in The Resistance’s Gorlock cell.


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