Ari's mother, and crusader from The Shield.


Arleena is 5’1", 117 lbs. She has short brown hair and green eyes. She moves with grace, and despite her size, she seems strong.


Arleena was born and raised in The Shield. She was with Billial Lake’eye for a few years, during which she had Ari.

Her story starts with her as a member of the Order of the Knight of The Shield. At some point she went out on her own, like one of the many crusaders that roam The Accursed Sphere. Like many crusaders, she first went to Baladras, seeking out corruption and evil. Wanting to find somewhere more active, she ended up wandering north to Phasmavis. She was lucky to be captured by a group of elves, because it led to her meeting Bellial. He got her out of whatever consequences might’ve befallen her, and she stayed in his home.

Billial kept her away from the rest of the Lake’eye Family and the politics of Phasmavis. Arleena was Billial’s peace that kept him distracted from Phasmavis life. She was well aware that she wouldn’t be able to stay in Phasmavis forever, but still she ended up with him, making Ari.

Without being able to roam Phasmavis to slay evils, Arleena embraced the elven arts. To her, Phasmavis was a beautiful place with people who lived long enough to master many paths. When it came to martial skill and art, the elves were at least the equal of anyone from The Shield. Arleena was able to get tutorship with an elven painter, something that cost Billial greatly.

Shortly after Ari was born, Arleena made arrangements to return to The Shield. Billial didn’t follow her, as was expected, so Arleena raised Ari by herself. She gave up fighting so she could work from home by illustrating books and painting. Because she was unique and good at painting, she did well, and was able to spend alot of time with Ari.


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