Ghost of the elven priest from the House on the Hill.


Baelamus appeared as a translucent white spirit of an elf wearing fur armor. However, his face was horribly distorted with empty gaping eyes and mouth. Despite the supernatural fear felt by viewing him, he was calm and helpful. His spirit and his body had an ornate staff, a family ring, and a holy symbol of a dragon coming out of a vined cave. When these were taken from his body they disappeared on his ghost form as well.


The Group encountered Baelamus when they were trapped in the House on the Hill. He was unable to make understandable speech, but was able to possess Brillus Yold to talk. Anything about his story is only known by what he said.

He claims to have been adventuring an unknown time ago, and stopped at a roadside inn for a week. One night he heard suspicious sounds in the hall outside his room. When he went out to investigate he was grabbed from behind and everything went black.

The next time he awoke seemed to be a significant time later, and he was now a ghost. He was trapped in the House, along with Bell the Harlot, and they became good friends on the 3rd floor. He kept the ghouls away from the 3rd floor, but was unable to do anything to remove them or even go on the 1st floor because the “Monk” would wake up and was able to hit him. He said occasional travellers would become trapped in the place, but would never make it past the 2nd floor. Any time he or Bell were destroyed, they would only reform after missing a long time.

It is unknown of Baelamus worshipped nature or dragons, but was able to turn undead. This was instrumental when the Group was fighting the “Monk”, and basically made him powerless. After the “Monk’s” death the House on the Hill seemed to become unpossessed, and the Group buried all the bodies from it. Baelamus was unable to find Bell, and later remembered that her saying she was always bothered that she was never avenged or buried properly.

Baelamus trusted the Group enough to ask them for a favor. He mentioned how he comes from the north, past Baladras. He wanted us to take his holy symbol and his ring to his people, so they can finally know what happened to him. He said to check back on him a few times after, because if he’s still around then that must not be what is needed to let him finally rest. The Group agreed, and took his possessions. Baelamus still sits at the ruins of the House on the Hill, now alone and powerless.


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