A bandit.


“Barnabus” is a name that came up frequently in dealing with bandits around Hammond. Barny Shifty said that all of those bandits the Group tracked down to his business used the name “Barnabus.” This means the name was a code of some kind, but it’s hard to say whether it was for that one group’s plan, or something larger.

The bandit that the Group thought was actually named “Barnabus” was supposed to be the leader who masterminded the ambush of the Group and Bruce Horner on their way from Demine to Hammond. The plan was easily ruined, and “Barnabus” was brought to the Hammond jail. Of course he tried to weasel his way out of it, mentioning something about a suspicious pickup. A plan was made with the Group and Captain Will Warson that “Barnabus” could get out of jail if he escorted the Group to the suspicious pickup (which unknowingly led to kobolds). After this was done, and the usual lectures about good and evil were heard, “Barnabus” was let go. Supposedly he was going back to his job in the lumber mill of Hammond and would stop banditry. The Group then headed to the dropoff point without him.


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