Barny Shifty

Propietor of the Soupy Sittin' Room.


A middle aged, slightly overweight man. He has brown hair that is just barely starting to turn grey. He is 5’9", about 200 lbs.


Barny is the owner and bartender of the Soupy Sittin’ Room.

The Group first encountered Barny when they backtracked to the meeting place of “Barnabus” and his bandit team. Barny said that the whole group of bandits showed up recently and used the place for meetings. He also said that all of them claimed their name was “Barnabus”. The Group used the place afterwards whenver they split up in Hammond and needed a place to meet or eat.

Barny was first assumed to be a weirdo who was getting involved in other’s conversations for no reason. At first Barny and his regulars didn’t trust the Group, but Barny was very opinionated about right and wrong. He just couldn’t resist talking about his views on society when it came up. Unknown forces affected his own business in a very personal way, he kept having alchohol stolen and destroyed until he enforced their limit on number of drinks patrons were allowed.

After the Group showed they were actually doing something for the people, Barny and his friends were even more helpful. After the fight club incident, “Brill” went back to let Barny know how it went. Barny let it be known that the Group wasn’t fully trusted at first. However, he did say that should there be a worthy cause that a few dozen soup lovers would need to take up arms for, then he may know of some.

Barny proved useful with letting the Group use his business as their official meeting place, and hopes they start something to go against whatever forces keep the people oppressed. He also knew alot about the trial of Carl Joek. Barny was the first to tell the Group that Rick “the Bandit” was killed in jail, because that was the reason they couldn’t get him for the trial. He made further mention that long ago Carl Joek showed up at the bar for a week, seeming odd and nervous. One day one of the regulars with an unclean past was talking too loud about about something they did long ago. Shortly after the regular went missing and Carl stopped showing up. Barny said they tried to get the guards to do something, but there was no evidence that Carl was guilty.

Barny Shifty

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