Old woman owning a curio shop in Hammond.


An old woman who looks as if she’s done alot in her life. 4’9", 80 lbs. Well tanned. Solidly grey hair of shoulder length in back, while short and messy on top.


She owns a curio shop in Hammond. She is the only source of magic knowledge and items that we have free access to.

She was discovered by accident while “Six” was trying to climb her building, in our attempt to get high ground to spy on someone. She seems to be friends with Neemus, and is the one who first arranged our meeting with him.

She was called to talk in the trial of Carl Joek, and from it her specialties became known to Lord Viln Hammond. Captain Will Warson, started to use her to help solve many dead end cases, so Lord Viln Hammond decided to draft her into the Hammond Guard to avoid paying her high fees.

Bertra used magic to create all of the stonework in New Hope.


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