The strange looking person with the crooked fingers.


Standing at 6’6", with mottled stone-hued skin and ponderously large hands, often holding a giant spear, he is quite an imposing figure at first glance. Closer inspection, however, reveals that he has lived a very hard life, with pale scars too numerous to count, and many of his appendages slightly crooked from traumas best left unspeculated.


His real name is Brillus Yold. Brillus Yold belongs to a race known as goliaths, which are more closely related to giants than most other humanoids.

Little is known about “Brill’s” past thus far. He claims to be from Arvandor, the top layer of Arborea in the Planes; and is a cleric of Phieran, the god of suffering, endurance, and perserverance, with a holy symbol depicting a broken chain. Brillus lives a life of poverty and suffering by choice.

He ended up going through a portal which brought him to the Demine Cave, where he shortly after met and joined the Group. They refer to him as “Brill”, and though he can do many things, he is the Group’s primary healer.


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