Bruce Horner

Physician and caretaker of Demine's people.


Bruce is in near 60 years old, and shows it, except for his energy. He is tall but thin, with bulbous joints. He is 5’8", 130 lbs, pale blue eyes, pure white hair, a long goatee, and bushy old man eyebrows. He has shoulder length hair, but this was always tied, and under a hat.


Bruce is a physician and general know-everything type of guy who lives in Demine. This is partly strange because he is one of the Poor Monks, but because he is the only Poor Brother in the village and he is so involved with it, it only makes sense. With Rick “the Bandit” dead, Bruce has been the one making trips to Hammond when supplies are needed, the Group even had the honor of escorting him on his first trip.

Before the Group even existed, Bruce knew Kurt Renard. The two of them met when Kurt was looking to help anyone he could, and the two worked to help people in Demine and Hammond. Bruce’s part was mostly of informant and physician work, which often included patching up Kurt. When the Demine murder happened, Bruce expected the worst, so headed to Hammond in hopes that Kurt was still around. This is what got Kurt to meet the Group, and Bruce left the investigation to them, offering help if needed.

It was weeks later the Group rode with Bruce from Demine to Hammond. During the trip he seemed armed with a club and crossbow, not seeming scared of bandits. This was the whole incident with “Barnabus”, but during it Bruce didn’t have to do anything for the Group to win. He followed the Group around until they sold the loot and gave him a large share of it. Afterwards he left to continue his chores.

After the imprisonment of Mayor Tyron Dartsin, Bruce caught up to the Group on their way to Brimm. He talked alone with Quinn, who later informed the group, that Bruce was working for a secret organization that was watching Dartsin. Dartsin escaped from prison with the help of the “dog demon”, and Bruce suspects he will try to get revenge on the Group. Bruce said he’d have to leave Demine now, then rode away.

Bruce Horner

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