Burt Arielsis

Spirit knight who wielded the bone of Brogan Cormac.


Burt appeared as a white translucent knight carrying no weapon. He didn’t emit light, but his whiteness could be seen in the dark. He had the emblem of The Shield on his armor and shield.


Burt was a crusader from The Shield who was entombed in a small cave near Natalbany. He claimed that the locals built the place for him upon his death. He was kept company by 8 of his former comrades who he said died with him and were now mindless guardians.

The Group stumbled upon the cave after following a group of adventurers who worked for the traveling Circus. The adventurers quickly left, but members of the Group went inside. Burt tried to scare them off by basically being a talking ghost, but when he found out they weren’t Circus members they engaged in conversation.

He claimed to have been a crusader from The Shield who did a decent job of being good and fighting evil. He wasn’t very philosophical. He said the year before members of the Circus stole the statue of him from the tomb. Since his death he for some reason was unable to rest peacefully, probably due to a relic he was guarding. He didn’t get into much detail about it.

The Group asked him about the Circle of Nine, of which he knew nothing other than their symbol was evil. It was discussed how members of the Circle were hiding in the Circus. It was thought that the Circle might know about the relic and seek to defile it. Burt said that if the Group found out more about this Circle he would share more information about it.

When they returned, the Group had prisoners with them; the Bull Man, the Toughman and “Eight”. After interrogation and letting the Toughman and Bull Man go, the Group talked more with Burt. Burt finally was able to talk to Graal, and after deciding he liked him, finally shared the relic he was guarding. He said it was a femur bone club, one of the relics of Brogan Cormac. After some last words and explaining the relic and what taking it would mean, he gave it to Graal. When Graal took the femur bone Burt faded away and presumably all those entombed would finally rest in peace.

Burt Arielsis

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