Carl Joek

The caught necromancer of Hammond.


Carl was 5’10" and 145 lbs. He had long dark hair and was pale. His eyes showed a constant paranoia.


Carl was a necromancer who the Group was suspicious of when investigating rumors of bodies disappearing from the Hammond graveyard. Graal detected evil in the house, which led to the Group discovering he was taking bodies from the Hammond graveyard. After the trial of Carl Joek he was supposedly executed and buried in the Hammond graveyard.

Carl’s story comes from his own confession at his trial.

Important events start when he was a normal young man working normal jobs. One day he lost control of his horse and knocked over a tall stack of barrels. There were kids playing on the other side, and 2 of them were killed when they got crushed. Carl became depressed but looked into ways to make things right. He started studying necromancy, and found he could eventually use magic.

Over time he did things that he knew weren’t right, but he felt the end justified the means. One day he was visited by a bird demon, which he said looked like a giant raven. The bird taught him more powerful things. Once he was able to animate the dead Carl felt he was close to achieving his goal of restoring life to the dead. The bird demon disappeared after, but Carl was unconcerned.

Carl eventually made a device that allowed him to pull a block out of the cemetary wall, which was one of the walls of his house. This gave him secret access which led into one of the mausoleums. He left those bodies, but did take another from the cemetary to animate. In order to animate bodies, black onyx is required, which is one of the things that he was known to have bought from Bertra.

Bertra was called into the trial, where she said that after looking at Carl’s spell book she sees that he is able to animate the dead, but is far from really bringing the dead back to life. She mentioned it was possible a demon taught Carl his spells, but not all of the spells were evil themselves. About the black onyx, she said that Carl wasn’t the only one who recently bought some. Rick “the Bandit” was found to be the other main buyer, which cast suspicion on Mayor Tyron Dartsin. However, Rick “the Bandit” was said to be killed in jail, so nothing more was able to be learned from him.

Carl was supposedly executed, his body burned to prevent his coming back, and buried in the Hammond graveyard. The Grim Order oversaw the whole process and did additional things to help dispel the evil of the whole event.

Later Bertra told the Group that she was allowed to keep the spell book, but they took the necromancy spells out of it. Her friend Neemus was going to buy it. The Group later talked to Neemus who told them that bird demons do exist, but aren’t normally the type to care about making deals with mortals. Carl being taught by the demon was possible, but it is more likely that Carl made a deal for greater power. This would give him power instantly, but would also mean that when he dies he will be damned to a horrible place.

Carl Joek

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