Evilly branded doctor and occultist from the Lennox den tunnels.


A regular guy but 6’, black hair and hasn’t shaved in awhile, wears a bandana to cover up his forehead which has an unmistakeably evil symbol carved in which continuously seeps blood. The top of the head is gone and replaced with a thick glass dome, this can be opened to allow surgery. Inserted into the brain are needles with fluids which are connected to a harness of thin rods and tubes mostly supported by the shoulders.


He said his name is Normal Wells, “Seven” is his nickname. He is from Bethlan.

This doctor was found in the Lennox den tunnels where, if his notes are to be believed, he was responsible for hundreds of possessed or physically augmented people which the “Admiral”, the “Priestess” and the Group had to fight at one point or another. The area in which the doctor lived had a huge ritual circle of a 9 pointed star and he kept a woman as a sex slave. His notes further condemned him by mentioning the Circle of Nine and his membership.

He and his possessions were taken to the “Priestess” where he was further questioned. He was allowed to live and left with the “Priestess”, possibly to give him time to reflect and repent.


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