Meth the executioner. Bodyguard in the Circle of Nine.


5’8", 115 lbs. Meth is a thin woman who wore a green executioner’s hood. She fought with a two handed falchion.


Meth is number “Eight” on the Circle of Nine. She said that her job was being bodyguard of “Five”.

The Group first encountered her with the Circus as it neared Natalbany. She was in the tent of cannibals, normally led by “Six”. Supposedly “Six” knew the Group was coming and Meth was put in his place to fight them.

After she was captured, Quinn spent alot of alone time with her with the ultimate goal of improving her. Meth didn’t seem very receptive to this, but also didn’t put up any resistance. When they got back to Brimm a deal was made with Lord Trebius Hakar to put Meth in the Brimm Arena for a life sentence.


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