Evilly branded bell ringer from the torture wagon.


A figure whose face was always half covered by a hood. He had an evil smile which expertly showed both his hate for everything, smugness, and joy of conflict.

He was 5’6", 130 lbs. Jet black hair, blue-green eyes. Most importantly was that after his death it was revealed he appeared to be branded on his forhead with an unholy symbol. This appeared as a circle filled with unnatural glyphs. The mark oozed and pulsed, even after he was dead.


“Nine” lived in Brimm, where he and his friend Mensil were official wagon guards for the Brimm torture wagons. He had few other friends because he enjoyed his job way too much. He even carried a bell to draw more attention to whatever wagon he was with. Most of the time he worked on Judge Rundi’s wagon, where he still had no friends, but would talk on his boss’s behalf. He was always first to volunteer when someone needed to be tortured and executed.

He met his end when with Judge Rundi on one of the wagons Lord Trebius Hakar sent down to “inspire” Lennox to order. This turned out to be the first encounter with a Brimm torture wagon by the Group. “Nine” refused to submit to Graal’s demands, and the fight started. “Nine” had evil powers and put a curse on Graal, but got surrounded by half of the Group and wasn’t able to hold off forever. After when Graal and Quinn were fighting each other, “Allen” killed the unconscious “Nine.”

It was then they found the evil mark, which Graal recognized as a sign of a person who went beyond evil, to the direct employ of a dark power. Making “Nine” truly evil, and totally irredeemable. The wound continued to pulse and seep even after the body was killed and decapitated. The dead from the battle were buried, but “Nine” was blessed and burned.

The surviving wagon members didn’t know what his real name was. Mensil was suspected to be a student of his, but could’ve potentially just been a misguided friend.

“Nine” carried a dagger that was of peculiar design, and an unholy symbol suggesting he worshipped the lower planes directly.


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