Dean "the Druid"

The druid from Moorewood Forest and Flayne.


Dean sometimes has a threatening look or demeanor, which is odd because he doesn’t look physically dangerous. 5’8", 155 lbs, short dark brown hair, never clean shaven. He often wears a random mix of clothes, leather, and furs.


Dean claimed to be a druid, which he described as someone who gets powers from nature. He said he lives in Flayne, but travels a large area.

He was alerted that something odd was going on after “Stalker” was killed, and he travelled with one of the wolf packs who were out to get revenge. By the time he got to the area all he ran into was the Group, who happened to be holding “Stalker’s” skin. He stated he didn’t particularly like the dire wolf’s death, but he understood why it happened. He knew the Group was human, and said if they weren’t he’d have killed them for what they (apparently) did. He did nothing to help either side when the wolves attacked the Group, but he was there to keep either side from dying.

During that fight he noticed the unique creature that Ari summoned, and after hearing detailed news about how a priest in Flayne was killed, he suspected the Group was the ones responsible. He turned himself into a small animal and tried to scout their camp the night after they were finished with Egdar and were leaving Moorewood. Melcher almost killed him as he was a ferret, and he had to change to a bird to fly away.

On the next day’s travel they found him sitting in their path waiting. It was obvious who the critters were the night before, because he returned some of Melcher’s arrows. There was something of an odd conversation, and though the Group never said they were the ones who killed the priest, Dean indicated curiosity as to what reason someone would do such a thing. It’s suspected he knew it was them, and said that if they ever needed his help he’d try to offer it. He was asked to be escort for the Group’s trip to the river (for their travel to Gorlock), which he did by staying far but in sight of them while in animal form.

Dean "the Druid"

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