Weird armored foreign woman found in Lennox.


6’, 130 lbs. She looks young, and has some freckles. She has dark red hair which is not too long and usually tied. She is very curvy.


Found at the Hopefuls Inn in Lennox. She says she is from far away. She was picked up by a group of the Admiral’s men when she got close to the city. They assumed she would be entertaining to them, but weren’t tough enough to stop her from getting to the protection of the “Priestess”.

When the Group arrived at the Hopefuls Inn, Lora teamed up with them to go into the Lennox den tunnels. She stayed with them until she had an incident with Graal and left in the night. The next day, at the mass trial following Tyron Dartsin’s arrest, the major general of the Way of Stone who was ordered to look into all the cases claimed that Lora was a devil who was sent to seduce Graal.


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