A short bearded person who is in many ways different.


he’s short


His real name is Fash Berman, “Allen” was what he told the Group to call him. Most in Baladras mistake him for a midget, but he is actually a type of gnome.

“Allen” says he comes from a section of a world that was cold desert. There was a strange anomaly floating above the ground, which a few gnomes went to investigate. It ended up being a one way portal which “Allen” passed through, ending up in the Demine Cave. Having no purpose in Baladras, he joined the Group. Ever since, Graal has been explaining the world to him, even though the view of someone from The Shield isn’t necessarily accurate.

“Allen” seems to have nothing against killing, but it may be an act put on to mislead the others. When the Group ran into a Brimm torture wagon on the way to visit Lennox, it was “Allen” who killed the already incapacitated “Nine”. He wanted to kill Judge Rundi and his crew as well, so he may in fact just have bloodlust.

He took his leave of the Group after running into one of his own kind.


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