Graal's father, the Knight Protector.


5’8", 152 lbs. He appears as war veteran in his 60’s. He has medium length brown hair with a touch of grey, which is usually disorganized but tied. He doesn’t bother to shave often.


The Group checked the northern Beggar Slums of Hammond upon hearing something suspicious was going on from Captain Will of the Jail Guard. They found a house with an entrance to a fight club, where they found someone who looked like Graal’s dad, only half as old, and armed with a Crusader’s equipment. Graal ran away yelling, but the Group tried talking to him. He said he was training and entertaining some of the poor folk, claiming he was giving them something to do and making something of them. He refused to surrender, so “Six” knocked him out with a multicolored magic spray.

Ghrol was arrested by the Group and taken to the Jail, where he was questioned haphazardly. He claimed the Crusader equipment just appeared one day. He didn’t have the same food interests or seem to know he had a wife (or her name), so Graal figured it wasn’t his real father. Graal refused to talk or be seen by this Ghrol, so this was done by the rest of the Group.

So the situation never fully made sense, but the Group had no further connection to this supposed imposter, so he was left in Jail.


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