the "dog demon"

Graal's unknown enemy.


Neemus told the Group that a dog demon is very tall. They have 2 pincer arms, and 2 more humanlike arms sticking forward from their chest. They have clawed feet. The head looks like a demonic canine.


Neemus discovered this entity when Bertra asked him to figure out why “Six” went comatose. He said that the being is tormenting Graal, and what happened to “Six” wasn’t planned. Neemus wanted nothing to do with demons, but wished us luck. He said this type was like a succubus, but try to tempt mortals with power. Neemus later sent a note to Graal saying this demon’s name is “Grinnsurrinibus”. Quinn Marcus Antar and Graal were the only ones who knew this, and referred to him as “he who shall not be named”.

If what Bruce Horner said is true, “Grin” helped Tyron Dartsin escape from his 20 year sentence in Hammond only 11 days after he was imprisoned.

the "dog demon"

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