Hubert Matheson

Warlord of the Black Tower and the Black as Night Mercenaries.


Hubert was never seen without his armor. His armor was an exquisite suit of full plate mail, with full helm and sword to match. The armor and sword are studded with gems and engraved in a way fit for a king. They had a ghostly quality to them, and though they seemed solid, they didn’t look completely so. The eyeslits showed Hubert had red points of light for eyes. Coming from what was assumed to be Hubert himself, all openings in his armor gave off slight wisps of a black mist.


Hubert is the 1st son of Lord David Matheson, and great great grandson to Byron the Mathematician. He is also brother of Lord Eugene Matheson, the current lord of Lennox.

He dwelt in the Black Tower, and led the Black as Night Mercenaries. In his spare time he made padded and leather armors from the padding of delivery crates.

He was discovered by the Group when they delivered a high quality shield to him from one of the Hammond armorsmiths. Initially he didn’t know who they were, and even asked if they were the original inhabitants of the tower. He also made mention that he and his mercenaries were for hire.

In his own words, Hubert said he was “twice suffering, once from betrayal, and once from damnation.” He was forced to be a mercenary since his brother buried him alive. He mentioned having a feeling that the only way he can be destroyed is to have the head of his brother, only then would he find peace. He told the Group this would be the correct way to dispense justice, and there was the potential of payment on top of it.

Wanting more of the story, Hubert went on to say that before his father, Lord David Matheson, died his brother, Eugene, convinced him to go out for one last hunting trip. Hubert was set to inherit the title of Lord, and would become leader of Lennox, so this seemed like the last time they’d be able to do such a thing.

During the trip they caught the trail of a group of bandits. This led to an abandoned camp at a cave, which Hubert searched inside while Eugene searched the rocks on top. A boulder was pushed down to block the cave entrance, trapping Hubert inside. Hubert said that his brother did it, and he could tell there were others helping him.

For 3 weeks in the darkness Hubert survived before he was out of supplies and died of starvation. He said he was then reincarnated as his current form, admitting to being some sort of undead. Since then he has been trying to gain a large enough force to remove his brother from power, but with profit comes casualties.

Hubert said Eugene knew of the Black as Night Mercenaries and of Hubert’s undead condition. The Priestess put up wards around his brother which prevented Hubert from killing him himself. He told the Group that if they saw Lennox they would find that alone to be reason to kill the lord.

As part of the Group’s plan to fix Lennox, the “Priestess” took away the wards protecting the lord and Hubert went and beheaded him. Hubert’s plan was to kill off the Group and continue his evil plans with Tyron Dartsin. Instead they (mostly Quinn) convinced him that redemption was the right path. Hubert couldn’t resist the chance to have a purpose again, so he agreed to change his ways. He followed the Group for a short time, writing condemning information about Dartsin.

After the mass trial that consisted of most of the Group’s acquaintances, it was decided the Hubert’s crimes would be overlooked if he indeed tried to redeem himself. It was also stated that he would be periodically checked upon. Hubert gave Graal his sword. Hubert then took his leave of the Group, saying he was going to join The Shield.

Hubert Matheson

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