Small green dragon and self proclaimed "Incarnate of Nature".


A young dragon 10’ without the tail. Iguan has dark green scales.


Iguan was encountered in a dungeon found when the Group in Blacksoul was on it’s way to pick up Melcher’s falchion from Tyme.

Iguan waiting in his dungeon for the Group to enter his chamber then tried to make it seem as if he was very powerful. He called himself the “Incarnate of Nature”. He had very little treasure, but tried to negotiate trade anyways. The Group feigned not being interested and went to explore the rest of the dungeon.

They found Iguan waiting near the entrance on their way back. Again trade was discussed and a deal was made. When Iguan turned his back to go retrieve the sold items the Group attacked. The attack didn’t go so well, so they tried to flee, but Iguan was faster. He caught up with Kareem and made him leave his money and a spell book. Iguan let everyone go free for some reason.

Kareem and Iguan became enemies, and both said they look forward to the day they meet again.


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