Jeffrey Tailor

Textile merchant in Hammond, who makes trips to Lennox.


Jeffrey is 5’8", 135 lbs. He has dark hair which is very greyed. He appears to be in his early 50’s. He isn’t very well shaved, but never has a beard. He is just starting to go bald.


He lives in Hammond with his healthy wife Anna, and their always absent son, Markus. Jeff is a merchant and owns a fabric store, but his wife usually runs it.

Every 2 months Jeff makes a trip to Lennox, which is where he gets most of his money. This is a secret however. Rob Samsung knew this, and when the Group mentioned Lennox, he sent them to Jeff. By this point Jeff didn’t have any wagon guards for his trip, so he used the Group instead.

On the way they wanted to pass by Demine for something. This meant they weren’t on Jeff’s normal route. During a bad storm they stopped at the House on the Hill. Jeffrey wasn’t much use, and frankly would’ve been happier to not know such things exist.

Unlucky Jeff was also present when the Group ran into it’s first Brimm torture wagon. Jeff pretended he was the ranged support, but in reality was useless. After picking up the crew that survived, the whole group made it’s way until they finally saw Lennox.

Right outside the city a bandit ambush was pre-emptively sprung. It turned out that Jeffrey’s note from the “Admiral” allowed them to bypass these bandits immediately. Finally in the gateway of Lennox Jeffrey started to see familiar faces, and all was typical business for him.

After reaching Lennox Jeff usually picks up more of an escort from the Admiral’s men. He goes to the Admiral’s Tavern where he unloads most of the cargo and picks up some things. He does the trade between the “Admiral” and the “Priestess”, then goes back to Hammond.

Jeffrey Tailor

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