Judge Rundi

Wagon leader from the Brimm torture wagon found near Lennox.


Rundi may be a genetic giant, who has an often angry expression. He is 7’4" and 325 lbs. He has short brown hair and seems to never grow facial hair. He looks to be in his 30’s.


Rundi lived in Brimm where he studied law and became a Judge. He has been in charge of a torture wagon for most of his life.

One of his regular mercenaries, Josep, has been with him since his first trip. Mensil and “Nine” weren’t with him for nearly as long, but did seem like a permanent part of his entourage. “Nine” usually spoke on behalf of Rundi, who doesn’t like talking.

Rundi’s torture wagon was one of those that Lord Trebius Hakar had sent to pass by Lennox. It was only his second trip down when he happened to be the first Brimm torture wagon that the Group encountered.

During the wagon fight he didn’t seem to think the Group had much chance to beat his guards, but by the time he was obviously wrong he was injured and unarmed, so didn’t do much. After when Quinn and Graal had a heated discussion about morality and laws, as well as what to do now that the fight ended, Rundi spoke on behalf of his team.

Most of what the Group initially learned about Brimm came from Rundi. They didn’t know Brimm Judges were legally allowed to act as judge, torturer, and executioner, or that the guards were government paid mercenaries. Rundi said that torture wagons are a deterrent to crime, but don’t normally go outside of Brimm’s area. This arose 2 main questions; 1) Do these rights apply when outside of Brimm territory?, and 2), if Lennox is apparently lawless, do it’s own rules and ways even matter?

Rundi and his remaining crew agreed to follow us until our visit to Lennox was over. Afterwards they were sent back to Brimm, the Group intending to stop by there eventually.

Judge Rundi

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