Kurt Renard

Death loving and scythe wielding hometown hero.


A strong man wearing the garments of the Grim Order. He is around 25, is 6’, 189 lbs, and has a reddish brown butch haircut.


Was a farm kid from Shoreview who knew he didn’t want to be a farmer. He played as the village defender until the age when he could really do so. Lack of activity, and pressure from family to help with farm work, made him move to Hammond to seek a living.

The philosophy of the Grim Order played a small part in Kurt’s upbringing because of certain family members who believed. It wasn’t until Kurt arrived at Hammond that he really got into their teachings. He first showed up at their door because he had nowhere else to go, but because he really wanted to learn and was willing to help them out, he became a dedicated member of the Order.

While it was possible to survive by helping out the Grim Order, it’s not always filled with activity. To earn additional money and reduce boredom, Kurt sought other employment. Outside of joining the Hammond Guard or hunting bandits solo, there wasn’t much to do. This is when Kurt starting to travel independently and help those who need aid.

Outside Hammond there weren’t many who had money, there was other things that were rewarded for his services, typically hot meals. While it seemed he’d never get the money he needed for his dream suit of full plate mail and barded warhorse, there was a satisfaction that kept him doing this on and off for years. In his off time he continued to practice combat, study the ancient tongue, and translate the original teachings of the Grim Order as he learned them.

As he neared his mid twenties, he wasn’t famous, which he was glad for, but he was known enough that when nearby people had a problem he was sought to help. A person who is responsible for keeping Kurt alive on more than 1 occasion is Bruce Horner, who Kurt knew well by then. One day he received a visit from Bruce, who asked for Kurt’s help to investigate a murder in Demine. It was during his help in the Demine murder that Kurt first met, and eventually joined, the Group.

He was therefore one of the original members of the Group, and offers his fighting ability, local knowledge, help from his order, “unique” ideas, and philosophical confusion.

Kurt Renard

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