Lord Eugene Matheson

lord of Lennox


The lord has not been seen by most people for a long time.


Eugene was the 2nd son of Lord David Matheson, making him the younger brother to Hubert Matheson, and the great great grandson of Byron the Mathematician. Eugene Matheson was the Lord of Lennox until he was killed by his brother as part of the Group’s plan to restore the city.

Rumor is that Eugene and his brother decided to go out for one last hunting trip before their father passed away. Lord David Matheson was terminally sick and Hubert Matheson was next in line for ruling Lennox. Eugene returned from the trip alone. He claimed that he was out looking for tracks and when he came back his brother was dead. The bandits they were tracking circled around and attacked the camp while they were split up.

Neither of the surviving Mathesons were seen for quite some time. At some point it is assumed Lord David Matheson passed away, and his only heir took over. The city started running rampant with crime and corruption, but the Lord would not come out to do anything. The Lennox Guard were pushed back by the Admiral’s men eventually, and the city was in full chaos.

Lord Eugene Matheson

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