Lord Viln Hammond

The unseen lord of Hammond.


He is not usually seen in public. When seen he resembles a normal middle aged man with brown hair. He is always dressed in fancy but inexpensive clothes.


Viln is typically referred to as only Lord Hammond.

Viln is the current lord of Hammond, which is almost like a sub-capitol in the southwest of Baladras. Lord Hammond has been leader of the city since he took over from his father, Lord Argus Hammond, 16 years ago.

The lord is almost never seen. It was during his term, right after Lennox became unstable, that Lord Hammond reorganized the Hammond Guard and built the outermost walls of his city. This was the first real decision he made that the people of Hammond could see an effect from.

It was years later that he made his second major decision as leader. The frequent reports of bodies being dug up and stolen from graveyards in the area, mostly at the smaller villages, brought the announcement that all bodies would be moved to a walled section right outside Hammond. So more walls were built and manned. Graves in the surrounding areas were moved and better organized at the Hammond graveyard. This stopped the losing of bodies, until the incidents with Carl Joek and the kobolds in the cemetary.

That same year, after hearing of her from the trial of Carl Joek, the lord drafted the venerable Bertra into the Hammond Guard. Supposedly this was because she was useful, but had very high fees for her services. He also started having the Hammond Guard patrol his lands and had some guards stationed in each of his villages, previously they only were found in Hammond.

Lord Hammond met a few times with the Group. He said that his encounters with them give him new ideas and make him want to improve on things. He also feels as if he owes them something. Because of this he paid to have “Six” restored to normal. He also ordered the creation of New Hope.

Lord Viln Hammond

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