Lorgus Nighthunter

Founder of the Order of the Stake.


Lorgus has a butch haircut of short grey hair. He looks strong and doesn’t seem old. 6’1", 200 lbs.

He usually wears studded leather armor and carries a large warhammer which looks like a saintly woman with her arms out like a cross.


Lorgus is the founder of the Order of the Stake. He is a sanctimon in the Purifiers.

Lorgus hunts things at night, specializing in vampires. He claimed to fight against any evil creatures and said that fighting men is less satisfying but inevitable.

The woman that makes up his warhammer is called “Lady Luck”.

Lorgus seemed surprised that the Group also knew Lord Trebius Hakar. Lorgus also seemed to know Bertra.

After the Circus and tomb of Burt Arielsis, Lorgus invited the Group to visit the Order of the Stake headquarters in Grimshaw. He said that maybe they can work together again sometime.

Lorgus Nighthunter

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