An evil looking noble which followed the priest in Flayne.


5’10", 145 lbs, dark brown hair to mid back. His features are thin, like he could be a half-elf. He looks untrustworthy and evil.


Malkeen was a name first heard by the Group when Egdar told them what he could to help them kill a priest in Flayne. Malkeen was possibly the name of the priest himself, but The Resistance spies weren’t sure.

When the cell was hiding in ambush they saw 2 Blacksoul guards, the priest, and what seemed like an understudy to the priest. They heard the priest himself call the understudy “Malkeen”.

Malkeen left when the priest went in to do his prayers, thus he was not close to the danger when the Group attacked. It was never discovered why Malkeen was with the priest, or what happened to him after.


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