Mayor Tyron Dartsin

Former mayor of Demine, and known magic user.


Dartsin is 5’7", 130 lbs. He looks somewhere between middle aged and old. His hair is black, with a touch of grey. He has a short beard with a moustache. He usually wears a black hooded robe, but doesn’t have the hood up.


Tyron is typically just called “Dartsin.” He was the mayor of Demine. He was a known magic user, and had a toad familiar named “Toady.”

Because he was a known magic user, he was known for many miles. This is not to say that anyone has seen much of his abilities, or that he made many public appearances. He slept during the day. He lived in a 3 story square stone building, the tallest in the village.

On more than 1 occasion he has defended his village against bandits, wild animals, and undead. His fight against the undead is what he is most famous for, because he was the only one who had the power to affect them. The problem was that black spirits were harassing travellers in the area, killing them and making more spirits. Dartsin knew what was going on and that these had to be stopped before they got out of control. He tried to find the lair they hid in, but couldn’t. When travellers stopped getting harassed he feared the undead problem had reached critical mass. It wasn’t long before the things tried to attack Demine, but Dartsin was ready and destroyed all of them. No more were seen since.

Bandits come and go, usually not bothering a poor place like Demine. Dartsin was questioned after the trial of Carl Joek, and had to convince the court in Hammond that he was guilty of no crimes. After he was allowed to go, and further investigated by some of the religions of Baladras, he started to actively hunt bandits at night.

Despite this, Rick “the Bandit” was a known bandit, and known to be Dartsin’s errand boy. Dartsin’s defense was that Rick used to be a bandit, and wasn’t anymore. He said that he had nothing to do with any illegal activity relating to Rick.

A few times the Group ran into Dartsin, and it wasn’t long before the 2 sides stopped hiding their dislike for each other. This all started when the Group first formed, working together to solve a Demine murder, which Dartsin actually asked them to do. Everyone in the village was gathered, and Graal discovered Dartsin and Rick radiated evil. If anything can be said for Dartsin, it’s that he didn’t try to kill the Group whenever he ran into them in isolated areas.

However, when the kobolds from the cemetary were talking with Captain Will Warson and the Group they said that the person who normally picked up the suspicious packages didn’t show up one the last time. This was the one delivery before “Barnabus” led the Group there, but after Rick “the Bandit’s” arrest. The kobolds were shown many pictures and asked who they knew for this, and when Captain Will Warson asked who did show for the pickup, they pointed out Dartsin.

Whether this is a truthful accusation is undetermined. It may be added to a list of accusations that is waiting for the 1 piece of irrefutable proof. Captain Will asked the Group to find this evidence that Dartsin was guilty, because unless it can’t be disproven there’s no point in coming out to try and bring Dartsin down.

Quinn Marcus Antar brought up the theory that Dartsin and Rick “the Bandit” probably were bad, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t really friends. Having seen what happened to Rick may have made Dartsin truly try to change the error of his ways.

Later Hubert Matheson discarded his evil ways and blew the whistle on Dartsin. Then the Group ambushed him and brought Dartsin to Hammond for trial. This turned into a mass trial ordered by the King himself to be investigated by a major general from the Way of Stone. Dartsin was accused of many crimes and sentenced to 20 years in prison. 11 days later, Bruce Horner, who had been watching Dartsin for quite some time, told the Group Dartsin made some sort of deal with “Grin” to escape. Dartsin tried to attack Captain Will Warson but had to teleport away before he could reach him.

His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Mayor Tyron Dartsin

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