Bertra's elusive magic using friend.


Neemus is an old man who is healthier than would be expected. He is 5’6" and 120 lbs. He has grey hair which is shoulder length and messy, plus a beard which is whiter and total chaos.


Neemus is a cautious magic user who travels often and never stays put for long. He is very secretive, so few know of him, and those that do are told to keep quiet. He seems to know alot, and is especially interested in magical things.

Neemus is friends with Bertra. It was him that bought Carl Joek’s spellbook from her.

Through Bertra, the Group has been able to meet Neemus. The first time he answered questions about things that most people in Baladras will never know exist. He was also very useful with giving copies of his maps. When all was said and done, he simply disappeared.

Shortly after that, the Group ran into him again passing the Demine Cave. He was there to study the supposed portal that was responsible for bringing most of them to Baladras. He said he saw the other side, but wherever it is must be obscure, because he’s never been there.

After that was the event that led to “Six” becoming vegetative. The Group brought him back to Bertra, but she couldn’t find anything out. She called Neemus, who found out there was a dog demon, which was tormenting Graal. What happened to “Six” wasn’t planned, but he said he saw no way to fix it. Neemus wished the Group luck, but said he honestly wants nothing to do with demons.


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