Exalted being who coaches those who seek to be the same.


Hovering, slightly glowing, half elven looking woman with white hair and pure black eyes. She is 6’6". She wears clothes that are white with random patterns made with gold thread, and covered in tassels of silver cloth which wave around as she moves. She has a halo that looks like pure light, which radiates a calming aura (and gives regeneration to good things). She has a scepter, or a long wand, which is silver with crystal rings in it and a head that looks to burn with white flame.


Nideema is an obviously exalted being who claims to have heard of the Group through Eloquar, who was amazed that paladins still existed. She resurrected “Brill” after he was killed by the Strongman (who worked for “Seven”). She made mention of planar affairs, but said that it isn’t our place to think about it. She encouraged us to go beyond ourselves on the path of goodness, and if we chose to, she would help us. She gave “Brill” a ring to give to “Allen”, which she said could transfer life energy and act as a future way for her to be contacted.


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