Quinn Marcus Antar

A student of the mind and body, seeking enlightenment through new life experiences.


he’s bald


The Origins
Quinn’s beginnings are on a world known as “Stitch”, named because they say it is woven into many other worlds and planes. Quinn was born in a country called “Mundil”, a small expansionist empire with a greedy leader and humanist religion.

Wanderlust and curiosity made Quinn leave his home in New Mundil and seek out something substantial. The Church of Josa, named after their pro-human god, was interconnected with Emperor Frederick Mundil’s family, and seemed to care more about power than philosophy. The land of New Mundil was formerly owned by a nomadic version of the tan skinned and slant eyed Tsunians, and rumors existed of hidden monasteries where wise Tsunian Masters trained pupils in their ways. Most of the stories of the hidden Masters said they were in the Mundil Frontier, which was lowly populated, large, unexplored, and dangerous.

Luckily for Quinn he saw a Tsunian fighting off a large crowd of people in a city he was passing through. Tsunians were well known for their pride, and people had long since learned that if someone had slanted eyes then you’d better just kill them to hasten the inevitable conflict. The only way a Tsunian would be able to survive openly in Mundil lands would be if they were so skilled at fighting that they could best any attacker. This Master had decided to come to the city to find more potential students, and while here he impressively defended himself without killing a single attacker. Quinn was interested, and eventually he was in a secret location in New Mundil being taught the ways of the Jade Moon Eagle Claw Clan.

The Misadventure
After spending much of his life learning the ways of a monk, the time came when further knowledge could only be gained from experiencing the world. Quinn ended up in a coastal city and signed up for an adventuring expedition to the land northwest of Mundil, a place where all sorts of creatures could be found, or so he was told. What he later found out was that there the fabric of the world was so distorted from past events that there were portals to every conceivable place (hence the main reason the world got called “Stitch”), except that none of the portals were stable.

After encountering some sort of 4 armed ogres, Quinn and the treasure seekers he was with horribly lost a fight. In fleeing people scattered, some died, and Quinn ended up hiding in a cave. In the cave he found “Six” battered and unconscious, which is someone who was not part of the ship’s attendence. With nothing to do but rest, Quinn slept.

Upon awakening Quinn and “Six” were in a entirely new cave, not that “Six” had any memories of anything. As it later turned out, they were in Baladras at the Demine Cave, making Quinn and “Six” the first members of the Group. They headed to Demine, which was close to the cave, and where they first met Graal and Kurt Renard.

The New Adventure
In Demine there was a murder, and it’s investigation is what put the first part of the Group together. In the events that happened since Quinn and Mayor Tyron Dartsin became openly suspicious of each other, but after about the time of Carl Joek’s trial Quinn started to wonder if Dartsin was scared into becoming a good person.

The Group did alot in a small area, and it all affected Quinn to a degree. A major change occured when the Group tried to go to Lennox for the first time. Apparently during their travelling an invisible the “dog demon” who wanted to harass Graal decided to make everyone to fight uncontrollably. In the aftermath “Six” became mysteriously mindless. This hit the generally naive Quinn rather hard.

Quinn had previously held the idea that everyone should be good and orderly, he thought he would bring justice and goodness to this bleak world. They took a trip back to Hammond, where “Brill” put “Six” in the care of the Grim Order, and everyone took some time off. Quinn used this time to learn more about the religions of Baladras, and agreed enough with the Poor Monks that he joined.

The New Mind
Despite the answers he gained from becoming a Poor Brother, his mind was still trying to make sense of everything. While the Group was making a third attempt to visit Lennox, Quinn continued to ponder, until one day enlightenment just hit him. His belief and focus in the fundamentals of reality led to his mental powers. Such things are not something odd for someone from the Jade Moon Eagle Claw Clan to develop, but the way in which he was doing it was unique. With more understanding, he is now aware that he can’t have all the answers yet, so he is still looking for the answers that are out there.

Quinn Marcus Antar

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