Rick "the Bandit"

Dartsin's henchman from Demine.


Rick had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was 5’9", 160 lbs and was in his late 20’s. He dressed in mundane looking brown clothes which had many pockets to store hidden items.


Rick was a petty thief and known bandit who claimed to make a living doing manual labor in Demine. He was Jonah’s killer in the Demine murder, discovered and arrested by the Group. He also admitted to being a thief, fence, and member of the Thieves Guild, but tried to talk his way out of justice.

He and his house was searched, leading to the discovery of various stolen valueables, and a secret door with a crude idol of Kubatka was found. Rick also had an old House Samsung signet ring. This led the Group to Rob Samsung, where they found out Rick tried to blackmail Rob. He stole Rob’s signet ring and did many things that caused Rob trouble. This didn’t work, and it seems that since the new House Samsung symbol was created, Rick gave up on framing Rob.

Rick was brought by the Group to Hammond and turned over to Captain Will Warson. His involvement in the Demine murder led to Mayor Tyron Dartsin getting called to Hammond to defend himself. It was well known that Rick was Dartsin’s errand boy, but this wasn’t the only thing throwing suspicion on Dartsin. Dartsin managed to convince the court that he had nothing to do with Rick’s illegal activities, so Rick was assumed to be acting alone and was set to be executed.

This didn’t officially happen however. Barny Shifty heard rumor that at the trial of Carl Joek Bertra was called in, and the mention of black onyx linked Carl Joek, Rick “the Bandit”, and Mayor Tyron Dartsin. Carl was obviously guilty, but Rick also was buying onyx. So being Rick’s boss and a known magic user are what got Dartsin to be a suspect. They wanted to call Rick to answer some questions during the trial, but he was said to have been killed in jail. Later Rob Samsung reported to the Group that he heard Rick was killed in jail, and his genitals were cut off and put in his mouth.

When the Group was escorted by “Barnabus” to a suspicious pickup outside Hammond, it was learned that it was the kobolds in the cemetary who were delivering it, and Rick was the person who normally picked them up. The packages were then supposed to be left at a spot near Demine, where money would be waiting. Whatever secrets Rick had about this procedure seems to have died with him.

Rick "the Bandit"

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