Rob Samsung

Noble son aspiring to be a black market dealer in Hammond.


Rob is 5’10" and 140 lbs. He has short dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is clean shaven.


Rob is the son of a minor noble family, House Samsung. He lives in Hammond, and set himself up as a fence behind one of the doors the the merchant ring. He was there until his popularity grew, then he moved nearby to run Robert’s Pawn Shop.

In the past Rick “the Bandit” stole Rob’s House Samsung signet ring and then tried to blackmail him. This didn’t work, so Rick caused trouble for the family. The Samsungs were forced to make make a new family symbol, which seemed to end the problem.

When the Group arrested Rick “the Bandit” they heard his story about why he had the ring. They went to see Rob, who invited them into the house for a meal. He told them that the Thieves Guild was trying to bring dishonor to his family for his competing with them, and that he was framed at least once. For a small time fence he seemed nice and honest.

Bertra told the Group that Rob brought lots of black onyx to sell to her after demand for it went down. The next time they went to talk to him he said that was because he got in on the profits too late. He also mentioned that because he was too hard to remove the Thieves Guild hired him, but to forget anything about that. Those who talk of The Guild end up unlucky. He justified his joining as it’s better to have him be in charge of the black market than a bunch of criminals. He said he was just doing this because everyone has to start small. Quinn told Rob that he seemed competent, so perhaps he should join the Hammond Guard. Rob said he’d look into it.

Rob Samsung

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