The lightbringer.


Not to be confused with “Six” from the Circle of Nine.

“Six” was the nickname given to an early member of the Group. He was was actually one of the first 2 members of the Group, coming through the Demine Cave the same time as Quinn Marcus Antar, and also coming from the same place. He didn’t remember anything about his life previously.

He believed in nonviolence and was always able to translate the Group’s confused wisdom so that other people could understand it. He was a magic user and had a nimbus of light around his head at times. He had taken a vow of poverty, and didn’t even wear shoes.

He was always insisting the Group should go to Lennox, or do other things, instead of the dangerous stuff they were involved in at the time. Finally they got on their way to Lennox but halfway there the Group started fighting uncontrollably. When it was over “Six” no longer seemed to have any conscious thought.

The Group went back to Hammond to see Bertra. She didn’t know what to do, so she called Neemus, who found out about the dog demon. It turned out that what happened to “Six” wasn’t planned, and at the time they saw no way to restore him.

The Group didn’t know what to do with “Six” after that. “Brill” convinced the Grim Order to take care of him. There “Six” stayed until Lord Viln Hammond felt he owed the Group a favor. He paid Bertra, who paid Neemus to restore him. “Six” was then escorted back to his friends.

“Six” didn’t stay with the Group much longer. It was decided by everyone that “Six” would make a good leader for New Hope, so he retired and became Mayor.


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