The dire wolf who owned Moorewood Forest.


A huge grey wolf with an evil demeanor.


“Stalker” gained his name from years of hunting down travellers and hunters who went in his territory, which was about a 20 mile radius from Moorewood Forest. He roamed between different wolf packs, and one can only guess what power he had that could unite them and make them more malicious.

Any attempts to kill him by the Blacksoul Army only ended in the loss of more soldiers, so they accepted “Stalker’s” apparent fee that any lightly guarded travellers are fair game. Egdar needed a cover story for the Group to kill a priest in Flayne, and saw that money could be gotten from merchants who were suffering from the wolf attacks, which brought the downfall of “Stalker”. Though it wasn’t the Group that killed him, they would pretend they were out to do this, but they were actually going to Flayne. The Resistance members “Tea” and “Rain” would sneak into Moorewood Forest and hunt down “Stalker”, then pass his skin on to the Group as “undeniable” proof that they couldn’t have been the ones who killed the priest.

Though every wolf in “Stalker’s” territory started to converge on “Tea” and “Rain”, they were able to stay up in the trees until the Group came by for the exchange, and as a distraction for the two to leave. The Group was harassed by wolves once they left the woods, possibly as revenge. Dean “the Druid” knew that something involving “Stalker” was going on due to the wolf activity. He said while he wasn’t happy “Stalker” was killed, at least he understood why and wasn’t surprised by it.

“Stalker’s” skin was given to Egdar, and it was then delivered to the merchant who was going to pay for it. The guards in Moorewood seemed to respect the Group for apparently killing “Stalker”, perhaps they were even afraid of them.


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