the "Admiral"

Unofficial leader of Lennox.


A middle aged man who doesn’t keep up with shaving. His hair is dark brown and just starting to turn grey. He is 6’ tall, 176 lbs, has blue eyes and a decent tan.


His true name was never mentioned.

When the Group met the “Admiral” it was in Lennox. At the time he had leather armor, and an eyepatch he didn’t need. He seemed to be in charge of the city streets, excluding hostile gangs territories, the castle, the noble quarter, and the area owned by the “Priestess”.

The “Admiral” runs things from an professional looking office at the Admiral’s Tavern, and is in charge of the Admiral’s men. From what he said, he’s a former pirate who retired to Lennox 3 years ago. At the time he knew some shady people and of the underworld market, but said that it was Lord Eugene Matheson walling the people in and the guards not enforcing the laws that turned the city chaotic.

He said the underworld is now dead, and he has took over on behalf of the Lennox people. He made mention of knowing someone who studies economics, and did seem to know more about business than you’d expect from a pirate. The “Admiral” says a mass evacuation of the city would only cause a large influx of unprepared people to live in the surrounding cities, and that would inevitably lead to the collapse of those as well. Surprisingly, what he said seems plausible.

In explaining why he took over he made mention how in the past bandits had a field day with those that tried to escape the city. It was Lord Eugene Matheson that built the walls and kept people in, but it was the Admiral’s men that manned these walls and tended to the safety of the people. The lord’s troops were forced back to the noble quarter and castle. There are few bandits now, because there is almost no traffic, but he doesn’t let the people be free because this place can function so long as it continues to get deliveries.

The “Admiral” said he wants true freedom for the city, but right now there is a stalemate. He says Lord Eugene Matheson does nothing and nobility types can never be trusted anyways. He says the “Priestess” is too strict, her being a believer in the Way of Stone. He said he’d be willing to work with the “Priestess”, but she may never accept how he is.

The Group decided to go into the Lennox den tunnels, so maybe the “Priestess” would get enough free time to go meet with the “Admiral.”

The “Admiral” and the “Priestess” were able to meet and agree to peace for a time. For awhile it seemed like the “Admiral” had unofficial control of the city. This was only temporary because the Group’s plan for Lennox involved the “Admiral” eventually being removed by the Baladras government for being a criminal and not a true lord. After Hubert Matheson killed Lord Eugene Matheson the “Admiral” had full control of the city. Shortly after he was arrested and sent to life in the Brimm Arena.

the "Admiral"

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