the "Priestess"

Powerful Way of Stone priestess in Lennox.


5’6", 110 lbs. Dark brown hair, not too long, usually tied back. Brown eyes. Looks either good for middle age, or is young and has gone through alot. She is always wearing a worn breastplate with a long chain mail skirt. She also has a maul.


Said her name was Francine. She lives in Lennox, and has claimed the Hopefuls Inn in addition to the Way of Stone temple. She is the highest priestess left in the city that follows the Way of Stone.

Before she was well known, she put up a special protection for Lord Eugene Matheson. She was the only one in the city who could do this, and at the time she saw no reason to refuse. The temple got paid the normal amount they should’ve for such a job. Initially he wanted the entire city wall protected, but this was unrealistic. She only did some things at the castle, and later for her own temple. After this was done the lord went into hidng, and the city started to go downhill.

The “Priestess” held the temple during the decline of Lennox, even when she was the last member left. She did her best to tend to the people, but there were just too many of them. When things stabilized to where sides could be distinguished in the chaos, those sides also established territories. The “Priestess” was cut off from most of the people who needed her, but still had a large number nearby.

She couldn’t be everywhere at once, and there were powers in the city that didn’t like people going to her instead of themselves. Gangs attacked her directly, and she also had to deal with small teams of assassins. Those that sought to help her eventually fell, and she was too hard pressed just staying alive to do much for the populace anymore. If things didn’t change then the “Priestess” would be alone by now, if not dead.

Yet things did change, she started to get mobs of women coming to her. Mostly these were people who wanted protection, but alot were willing to fight. At first attackers underestimated a group of women, and lost their lives for it. Later groups like the Admiral’s men refused to fight the women, because most were their women who were just trying to get away from years of abuse.

Many of the women formed their own plan based solely on revenge, they waited until most of the Admiral’s men were distracted then stole all the alchohol stores. This wasn’t acceptable, but it wasn’t until Francine and the women decided to take the Hopefuls Inn and fortify it along with the temple that caused The “Admiral” to try and take the place by force. Most still refused to attack, so this failed.

At this point a large group of Lennox Guard showed up at the Hopefuls Inn. They said that Lord Eugene Matheson wished to help defend the “Priestess.” It was quickly apparent that this meant they wanted full control over the women and fortified buildings, so the “Priestess” refused. This would normally mean a death sentence for the whole group, but the lord instead accepted the counteroffer that he concentrate on the “Admiral”, and she will send women to keep him entertained and not cancel the enchantments. The women under the “Priestess” think she is only still alive because the Lord Eugene Matheson fears losing his protections.

So the Lennox Guard never came back to harass her. The “Admiral” risked losing control if he continued aggression vs the women, so he was forced to negotiate. Deals were made for the Admiral’s men to trade with the women and get time to see them. So in that one day the “Priestess” and her women became a permanent faction of Lennox. Strangely this made them slightly safe from the other 2 main sides, yet also adversaries.

Despite their deal, the “Admiral” can still get some of his people watching the “Priestess” and keeping constant pressure on her. It was also found that the Hopefuls Inn had one of the entrances to the Lennox den tunnels. This kept the “Priestess” trapped from doing anything for fear of the Admiral’s men on one side, and the possessed people from the tunnels on the other. This is the way it’s been for a very long time.

The Group took a trip to Lennox, posing as wagon guards. They got in when they mentioned the place to Rob Samsung who introduced them to Jeffrey Tailor. So when they went from the Admiral’s Tavern to the Hopefuls Inn they got to finally meet the “Priestess,” and Lora. She removed the curse that “Nine” put on Graal, and they donated alot of their leftover equipment to the Way of Stone. After talking about the city and it’s people, they figured if they helped with the Lennox den tunnels she would be free to negotiate with the “Admiral”, and maybe make after all this time a new peace can be found. Taking Lora with them, the Group went into the tunnels.

and den…

the "Priestess"

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