the "Spymaster"

A masked man dressed in black.


He appears as a healthy man who is very alert and nimble. He always wears black and has a cloth mask which obscures the lower part of his face, when outside he always has his hood up. From what is visible he has gray eyes, light brown hair, and is probably just past 30 years old.


The “Spymaster” is a general in The Resistance, but doesn’t say in one place very long because he does alot of things personally. He is one of the most well known heroes The Resistance, despite never using his real name. He was and always will be a spy, and it is said there is no better.

The “Spymaster” showed up in Gorlock, taking over the cell the Group was in. Straight to business, most of the cell was then put on a mission that night. During the mission they ran into a group of Blacksoul children, who the “Spymaster” ordered to be killed. Ari held the “Spymaster” back and said everyone deserves a chance to choose their own path. The “Spymaster” ordered everyone to leave, and was later angry, claiming that this is a war against things that aren’t human. Overall the situation wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.

After the “Spymaster” did a few more missions with the Group, then went elsewhere.

the "Spymaster"

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