Deceased self proclaimed Hand of Xipil.


Togwa is a stocky brown skinned giant with fiery warpaint, standing 11’ tall. He carries a warhammer and wears a chain shirt which is the worst quality anyone has ever seen.


Togwa was met by the Blacksoul group as a leader to a small band of orcs and fire elementals. Immediately he ordered his orcs to attack, which he later said was to get rid of them and test the strength of the Group. Melcher attacked, and ended up being knocked unconscious. Togwa had a small conversation with Kareem, who said that they were leaving, even though Togwa said he would heal them. Togwa treated that response as if the Group was making a mistake.

About 2 weeks later the Group came back with 8 archer scouts of The Resistance and a huge water elemental to ambush Togwa and his minions. Caldir, the water elemental, was killed by Togwa, who then seemed to give up in recognition of his defeat. As Togwa fell to his knees to accept his fate, Melcher cut off his head. Togwa’s last few minions where then killed.


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