Umar al'Aalem

Young but skilled wizard who acts as high elder of El Ahgaz.


Typical appearance for one descended from Gein nomads, with short hair. Young twenties. He wore a purple and white robe which was highly decorated.


He is married to Mileena al’Aalem, who is also his apprentice.

Umar is the most powerful person in El Ahgaz, so he is on the council of elders as the highest elder, despite being the youngest by far. He met the Group right after they killed Togwa and fled south with Torbtas and the water tribe. Umar and Kareem got along well, with Umar even teleporting to a city in Gein to pick up supplies for them.

Ari said that in the future they might be in need of his teleportation services, to which he said he’d probably help.

Umar al'Aalem

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