Captain Will Warson

Captain of the Hammond jail.


middle aged


Known mainly as “Will the jailor”, or “Captain of the jail.”

Will is a captain in charge of the prison branch of the Hammond Guard. He and his men seem more competent than others in the city, and show a genuine concern for dangers and illegal activity. Will himself seemed unphased by finding out new things, indicating he’s seen too much during his career. He wants things to be made right, but life is not so easy.

When the Group first encountered Will it didn’t seem like he was anything special. They escorted Rick “the Bandit” to jail and Will played the old trick of “oh you must’ve dropped this reward on the way in.” Will indirectly mentioned that he may know of things that ones such as the Group would be good for. After that, each time the Group did something to prevent a wrong, they seemed to get another reward from Will or one of the guards under his control.

Eventually the Group got around to finally working with Will on certain problems. He was a major help with the kobolds in the cemetary, though the Group found it suspicious that he knew of Bertra when he got her to enable the kobolds to talk.

Will and the Group both share suspicion about Mayor Tyron Dartsin, but he said that undeniable proof would be needed to do anything about it.

During the trial of Carl Joek and Rick “the Bandit”, Will apparently never mentioned the Group had any involvement.

Captain Will Warson

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