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  • Greasy Weasel Tavern

    The only tavern in [[Moorewood]]. This is where [[the Group]] first met [[:egdar]], and it was the beginning and end of their job to [[kill a priest in Flayne]].

  • Moorewood

    A village near Moorewood Forest. The [[Greasy Weasel Tavern]] is here. This is also the place where some of [[the Group]] first met [[:egdar]] and each other. This was when they were doing their first job for [[The Resistance]], which was to [[kill a …

  • "Stalker"

    "Stalker" gained his name from years of hunting down travellers and hunters who went in his territory, which was about a 20 mile radius from [[Moorewood]] Forest. He roamed between different wolf packs, and one can only guess what power he had that could …

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