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  • Circle of Nine

    If the [[:circle-7|doctor]] is to be believed, then the Circle of Nine consists of 3 masters, 3 members, and 3 initiates. If the members of this circle have the same branding that [[:circle-7]], [[:circle-8]] and [[:circle-9]] did, then all group members …

  • cult

    An unorthodox system of beliefs whose followers generally live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader. [[Circle of Nine]]: A cult that worships evil itself.

  • Order of the Guardian Moon

    A group from long ago. Story is Order of the Guardian Moon found a powerful book called the [[Black Star]]. Fearing what such power could do in the hands of man they tried to destroy it. The book was too powerful to be destroyed so the order ripped out …

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