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  • orcs

    "Stop poking me!" Did you know Warcraft was supposed to be a Warhammer Fantasy game but the deal fell apart. This is why the Horde was so similar (and humorous) at first.

  • Blacksoul humans

    The people of [[Blacksoul]] function like humans, but they are corrupted in a metaphysical way. The few humans that aren't corrupted are part of [[The Resistance]], and seek to [[Blacksoul Conflict|remove the tainted]] humans and take back their kingdom. …

  • Lepitian hybrids

    A race derived from ancient humans breeding with [[fiends]], or so it is assumed. They are native to [[Lepitia]], and haven't spread to other places in any significant number. The hybrids are only able to reproduce with humans, which always makes …

  • angels

    Not exactly a counterpart to [[fiends]], because angels are a good race and not spawned directly from the [[Outer Planes|Upper Planes]] where they tend to live and serve. Known angels; [[:angel-eloquar]]: After almost dying in a battle on [[The …

  • deities

    These are super beings who supposedly gain power through worship, and give abilities to some of their most promising worshippers in return. They can live anywhere in [[The Multiverse]], but the majority are in the [[Outer Planes]] or [[The Prime]]. When …

  • gnomes

    A race of short folk which are like a combination of [[dwarves]] and [[halflings]], though aren't an offshoot of either. This similarity not only applies to appearance, but to culture, aptitude for professions, and places where they live as well. So …

  • dwarves

    A race of people shaped like a person from a cartoon world who had something heavy fall on their head. They also like digging, but that is rascist.

  • kobolds

    Small lizardfolk. A race of black kobolds was heard to reside in and on [[Kubatka]].

  • elves

    Pointy eared folk who usually stay in forested areas. In [[Phasmavis]] they are the major race.

  • giants

    A group of big people typically ranging from 8 to 20' tall. This category includes ogres, trolls, various true giants, and others.

  • sahuagin

    Fish people sometimes known as "sea devils". They are an evil race that harasses seafarers and those on the coasts.

  • elementals

    Elementals are incarnations of the elements that compose existence. The most commonly seen are earth, air, fire, and water. They are usually as wild and dangerous as the forces that birthed them, but the [[Gein nomads]] have an almost family-like …

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