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  • Lennox

    Lennox is a city northwest of [[Hammond]] and south of [[Brimm]]. Both cities are about 2 weeks away if travelling on foot. The current lord is [[:lord-eugene-matheson]], but some would say [[:the-admiral]] is in charge. Lennox is not considered by …

  • Brimm

    A large town 14 days north of [[Lennox]] and 14 days south of [[Natalbany]]. Most outsiders know of it because of it's [[Brimm Arena|Arena]] and [[Brimm torture wagons|torture wagons]]. The town is named after the [[Brimm Stones]], a tall rock …

  • Hammond

    Hammond is a large town not far from the southwest shore of [[Baladras]]. Much of the town's success is attributed to [[:lord-argus-hammond]], but 16 years ago he died of old age. Currently the town is ruled over by [[:lord-viln-hammond]], who has added …

  • Flayne

    A town in [[Blacksoul]]. This was one of the places where [[:murdock]] was able to [[Blacksoul Conflict|expose]] all [[The Resistance]] members, but also the place where [[the Group]] [[kill a priest in Flayne|assassinated him]].

  • El Ahgaz

    A permanent town of [[Gein nomads]] in [[Cado Elementuma Terras]], it is about 2 months southwest of the [[Blacksoul]] border. The people of the town are passive when it comes to [[elementals|elemental]] conflicts. They follow the powers of fire and …

  • Grimshaw

    A [[Baladras]] city 15 days east of [[Natalbany]] and 23 days north of [[Hammond]]. It is known for being heavily religious.

  • New Hope

    A small port town on the west coast of [[Baladras]]. New Hope contains the [[Black Tower]]. The town is the most western port in [[Baladras]], making it the closest port to [[The Shield]]. The town is ruled by Mayor [[:six]]. New Hope is part of the [[ …

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