A bandit mainly refers to a person who makes a living hiding in the wildnerness and harassing travellers and small settlements. Bandits are usually immoral people, and will kill if needed. However, they usually have no interest in killing, because it’s more dangerous and gets more unnecessary attention. Bandits almost always possess wilderness skills, some even live in the wild their entire lives. Bandits usually have cheap armor and decent weapons, but circumstances or usefulness in other ways tend to affect their gear.

A brigand is a type of bandit who is very well equipped, and possibly well trained. A brigand is most likely to occur when ex-military people resort to banditry, or when bandits form a large and successful group or territory. The terms are still used interchangeable, along with some other common names (highwaymen being most popular).

A bandit is closely related to a pirate, and may even use boats, but differs because they aren’t focused on a marine lifestyle. When bandits are at sea, or pirates are on land, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

Bandits may also be like rogues, muggers or thieves, but those more indicate urban activity and an entirely different skill set. Quite often bandits live secret lives, somehow surviving in civilization but resorting to banditry when the times are right. This is especially so if there aren’t many hiding places or the terrain is not easy to live in.

There are many different types of bandits. The following names indicating the different kinds are merely geological reference, most of these types of bandits are not referred to by any specific title, bandits are just bandits. Most bandits are not part of any organized group, but bandits are known to have organizations sometimes. Such groups don’t usually last long, and have weak holds on small territories. If there is any notable group names in an area, the name will be mentioned for that section.

In Baladras it’s hard enough for bandits to live comfortably, so brigands almost never exist. Those that do are often small groups and assumed to just be mercenaries. Bandits usually exist out of desperation or the need for excitement. They are the most common danger in the country.

Bandits of Baladras;
Brimm bandits: Because there is no tolerance for crime in Brimm territory, bandits in the area are very rare. Those that do exist are masters of hiding. Bandits tend to use bows, and will ambush with the hopes that there will be no survivors to tell the tale. They choose their targets carefully, and stay far away from the Brimm torture wagons. Their loot is often traded to other bandits or special fences, as they usually don’t go anywhere near settlements.

Lennox bandits: These are basically like normal southwestern bandits, except for their demeanor. It is hard to say whether these are really bandits at all. They were only found near Lennox, which is the territory of the southwestern bandits. They seemed to understand and let pass anyone with permission from the “Admiral”. They also seemed to have no problem openly calling themselves bandits, but they never got into details. They asked to not be mentioned, which indicates they may be doing this on their own instead of under the orders of the “Admiral”. Yet if they aren’t on the Admiral’s side, why would they respect people who carry his papers?

southwestern bandits: These are the bandits that live around the muddy flatlands and coasts of the south and west. This large area includes Hammond. Lennox and Brimm would be included as well, but bandits near those places stand out too much from the norm. Southwest bandits tend to wear leather armor and have small shields. Hand axes are used most because of their usefulness as tools. Groups usually have half their members with crossbows, and the other half with spears. They don’t usually have horses, but if they do it’s to travel, not fight with. These groups are almost always less than a dozen people, but groups from different areas may know each other. They usually visit cities often, and carry extra supplies if they are going to travel more than a day from a major city. Their success depends on knowledge of caves and hiding holes, and if they are being looked for, their ability to survive without heading to society.

There may be thieves, but there aren’t people who act and live like bandits. This is mainly because if someone who isn’t in the Blacksoul Army has weapons or armor they get treated like The Resistance. The citizens of Blacksoul consider The Resistance to be bandits, but it’s because of reputation caused by chance encounters or planned actions.


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