A country in the Western Lands of The Accursed Sphere. Bethlan is west of Dulcetti and northwest of Senna.

The Shield has frequent contact with Bethlan and approves of the Bethlan Church. Bethlan has little reason to pay attention to any other countries.

Bethlan is a fertile land which has many a rainy and/or foggy day. The settled lands are usually safe, but people still don’t go out at night. Lycanthropes are more common in Bethlan than in other lands, and such creatures are hunted down.

The people of the land are normal humans with a tendency to think themselves more civilized than others in the world. Etiquette and decent behavior are important and those that don’t act right are looked down on or feared. The high class determine what is currently in style or in demand and the lower class try to follow it. Compared to the rest of the world, Bethlan people are very well off.

Proper appearance also applies to properties and settlements. The average person lives in a shingled multi-storied house that would be the envy of people from other lands. Even the smallest villages of Bethlan are carefully planned out but the largest cities could be considered works of art.

Bethlan is probably the most advanced country in the world for science and technology. Some experimental sciences have created weird things but these don’t usually exist outside of the area they were invented in. Stable and useful inventions are more widespread, such as steam trains, glasses, pocket watches, clocks, rifled guns, batteries, light bulbs, record players, and in some places, electricity.

The majority religion of Bethlan (by far) is the Bethlan Church.


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